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EggsScrambled in a French Style called “Brouillade”.

Alsacienne : Bacon and mix cheese   $10.95 **                                                      

Verte : Spinach, tomato and mix cheese   $10.95  **           

Brie et Plus : Melted Brie, tomato, potato and ham  $12.99   **                                           

Parisienne : Mushroom and mix cheese   $9.99 **

Au Jambon : Ham and mix cheese   $9.99  **                                                                      

Mr Seguin : Tomato, pesto and goat cheese   $11.99 **

Forestiére : Bacon, potato, mushroom and mix cheese   $12.99  **                                    

Alpine : Spinach, mushroom and goat cheese   $11.99 **

Oulala : Bacon, tomato, spinach and mix cheese   $12.99  **                                               

Brie verte : Spinach, potato and melted Brie   $12.99 **

Brouillade : just scrambled  $7.99 **          

Equilibre : Egg whites, spinach, mushroom and goat cheese  $12.99 **

Protéine : Egg whites, turkey, ham and mix cheese   $12.99 **

EGG gratin : Topped with 2 fried eggs, “au gratin” potatoes and sauce, spinach, tomato  $10.99   **       

Those “brouillades” could be prepared with egg white instead for an additional $3.00

Ask for any of the omelets above 

  • In a butter croissant top with melted cheese (croissant sandwich) for an extra $2.00
  • In a French baguette bread (omelet sandwich) for an extra $1.00



Quiche Lorraine : Ham and cheese          Quiche Florentine : Spinach and cheese        

  Quiche of the moment : Ask for your choices

** Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness

French Toast

Our French Toast are made with our famous home made Brioche bread. Fresh fruits, homemade ganache or the famous Nutella…No French name here, only numbers for the sweet ones. Pick you favorite one!

FT #1 : Blueberry and Raspberry   $10.99 **                                          

FT #2 : Banana and chocolate Ganache   $10.99 **

FT #3 : Strawberry, banana, Nutella   $11.99  **                                          

FT #4: Our seasonal recipe and flambé  $12.99  **                                                          

Plain FT and Egg : With our delicious scramble eggs   $10.99 **                                                   

Plain French Toast : Et voilà   $6.99  **

Croc’ sandwiches

Croc’Monsieur : Ham and swiss   $10.95 **                                             Croc’Madame : Monsieur with 2 fried eggs   $11.95 **                                                        

Croc’Brie : Ham and Brie cheese   $12.99 **

Croc’Legumes : Creamy and cheesy spinach sauce with tomato and fried eggs   $11.95 **

Add our famous cheesy-cream sauce to your Croc’Monsieur or Madame for an extra $2.00


Our 9 grains, home made organic bread, 

topped with a poached cage free egg and our famous white wine cheese sauce

H1B  : Bacon, tomato, bell peppers, onion and sautees potatoes   $10.99 **

H2G  : Tomato, goat cheese, pesto and sautées potatoes  $ 11.99

H3P  : Proscuito, tomato, parmesiano, home made pesto, arugula, balsamic glaze $12.99

H4V : Tomato, fresh mozzarella, home made pesto, arugula, balsamic glaze $10.99




Our croissant dough is made every night by hands at the bakery.!
We use Colorado Organic flour, european butter and some secret ingredients to make our croissants flaky, tasty and unforgettable!!
You can find up to 45 different types of croissants and flaky pastries everyday at the pastry counter.!

Those croissant are baked every morning for you. They run fast, ask your waitress what’s left

The wrap, a true and fresh baked croissant filled with Ham,cheese and Dijon mustard OR
Turkey, tomato, pesto and cheese.

The Portefeuille is an Omelette with Ham and cheese baked into a croissant topped with cheese 


Chocolate croissant
Berry Croissant
Chocolate ganache and banana croissant
Lemon cream and fruit croissant
Chocolate chips and cream croissant
Britany Croissant
Almond cream croissant
but also
Fruit and chocolate ganache flaky pastry
Cream and fruit flaky pastry
Caramel and fruit flaky pastry
Assorted apple flaky pastry
Frangipane flaky pastry
And so much more many choices ! Ask you waitress what are your choices or swing by the pastry counter...


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness!
Please make us aware of ny food allergies We proudly use the freshest and highest quality ingredients We sincerely appreciate your business